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Exercise routine in 15 minutes at home

Between the daily hustle and bustle, work and stress, there is a tendency to neglect physical fitness, an aspect that directly impacts personal image but it also affects the state of health. For this reason it is important to do some physical activity during the day, especially if you work sitting down most of the time, for this reason we bring you a basic exercise routine that you can do at home without the need for weights or machines. 

*Attention: stop the routine and consult your doctor if you feel any pain before, during or after performing any of these exercises*

Heating (Duration 3 mins)

It is essential that before starting any physical activity you warm up beforehand, this will reduce the possibility of muscle injury as well as prepare the heart and respiratory rate for an ideal session of physical effort.

For this case you are going to start with 1 minute of muscular stretching of the arms, trunk and legs and then 2 minutes of easy jogging in the same place.

Rutina de ejercicios en casa para hombre 2 

squats (Duration 2 mins)

The session begins with an exercise to strengthen the lower body. You must take into account not to bend your knees more than 90º when you are doing this exercise to avoid injuries.

Squats help build strength in your legs, glutes, and core, as well as promote stability while burning calories.

Rutina de ejercicios en casa para hombre 3

chest push-ups (Duration 3 mins)

This exercise works the muscles of the upper body. To execute it correctly, you must place the palms of your hands just below your shoulders, keeping your feet together, bend your arms until your chest touches the ground and lift.

Push-ups work the muscles of the trunk, chest and arms, allowing different muscle groups to work simultaneously.

Rutina de ejercicios en casa para hombre 1

Iron (Duration 2 mins) 

With the plates you will work the central part of the body that are the torso and the abdominals. Start with the same position as the push-ups, but instead of supporting your hands, you will do it with your forearms facing forward. The idea is to keep your legs and upper body in a straight line like a board (hence the name) for 2 minutes.

This is an ideal exercise that will help you burn fat and mark your abdomen.

Rutina de ejercicios en casa para hombre 4

Jump rope / Jumping jacks (Duration 3 mins)

To close the cycle, you must include an exercise that activates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Look for a loop and jump rope for 3 minutes with your feet together, the goal is that as you train you will be able to do more repetitions in the same amount of time.

If you don't have a bow, you can replace this exercise with jumping jacks, which are nothing more than jumps alternating opening and closing the legs and arms.

Rutina de ejercicios en casa para hombre 5

Stretching (Duration 2 mins)

To end this routine, you need to help your muscles and breath return to a relaxed state. That is why it seeks to stretch the muscles of both the legs, the trunk and the arms while managing a deep and controlled breath.

Rutina de ejercicios en casa para hombre 6

Doing any kind of physical activity is important to stay fit, have a good self-image, and it will also help you reduce sedentary lifestyle, overweight, and even reduce stress. This is why we recommend that you allocate at least 15 minutes a day to perform this exercise routine or any form of physical activity.

You can see more health and lifestyle tips in our Academy of Style Pierre D'Agostiny, also if you want to see our best outfit combinations you can find us at Instagram, Facebook Y TikTok.

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